The fast changing times ask for repeatedly changing strategies in education to keep pace with the acceleration in progress overtaking society. We at J.S. are trying our best to keep abreast of times and have started to work on a curriculum that will equip our children to face any challenges. Changes these days have to be welcomed and evaluated against our own cultural and traditional values. The challenges of newness must not be suspected but met, and assimilated, if useful.

That is where a professional College like J.S. Institute of Education have important role. Bhadawar Vidya Mandir College will make glorious history and I who have been here before can vouch for the success of our boys & girls as administrators, army and police officers, businessmen, industrialists and most important innovators in their own fields. The managing committee consisting of eminent personalities is very progressive in its outlook.

The students have to learn to think and seize the main chance when it occurs. Intellectually the students are so equipped as to adjust to changing circumstances. The classrooms and laboratories are all well equipped.

There are many numbers of physical activities as stated in the prospectus. All activities take place. Sports help develop qualities of perseverance, hard work, confidence, and the team spirit. A child does not think only of himself, but develops personality and character.

The institution is for you to visit and believe me if you sent your child to us, we will sent back a man who can hold his head high and make his name is society. Bhadawar Vidya Mandir College for the highest aspirations.

College Managment

Smt. Mithlesh President
Miss Geeta Vice President
Dr. Sukesh Kumar Secretary
Smt. Indra Yadav Member
Mr. Ashok Kumar Member
Mr. Devkinandan Member
Mr. Prem Shankar Member
Mr. Dramendra Member

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